A little reflection on Moses and Exodus 3:1-15

(This little bit is from an evening service with new and returning college students – it is just my notes, but I loved the last paragraph!)

Opportunities of Campus Ministry

–         Friends and food – My first Sunday

–         Older students would drive around – knew cheap resturants

–         Professorial references

–         Live changing events like retreat


Unknow possibilities of College and campus ministry – where will these experiences take you?


Moses – Theophany – God made known to humans

          Moses didn’t get to choose the time or the place.


Name of God – Moses was the first person who knew the name of God according to Fredrick Buechner.  There was a choice that Moses could have made, to tell the name of God or not.  But Moses chose to share that name of God since we know that name – a story that lives on because of our retelling the story over and over.


There is also this dialogue between God, the I am who I am – I will be who I will be. God clearly calls Moses – but Moses comes up with a litany of excuses. He says to God, “But I don’t know your name.” Suppose they don’t believe me – staff into serpent, hand inside of his cloak develops leprosy (reasons those who care about you want you to wash your clothes). Later he even responds, “I don’t speak well.” Excuses, excuses.


But even with these excuses, Moses despite his best made excuses agrees to serve God, chose to work to free and lead God’s people who were in oppression in Egypt. It was a forty year assignment, that would last the rest of his life, but God had called him and God would be with him. Moses’ life with all of its challenges and setbacks models for us the fact that God will always be with us even on the days when the whole of the world seems so far away.


Your time here at school can be just four, or five or so

of normal making it though the day kinda thing.

Or it could be the theophany designed just for you

by God who has created you,

by God who loves you more than any other person, place or thing

and by the God who can’t wait to see how you chose.


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